You Asked, We Answered

Who is Jennie anyway?

When we purchased Jennie in 2019, she came to us already named.  She was beautifully renovated as a family holiday caravan and while we decided to use her for a different purpose, we felt that she was still a ‘Jennie’ so we’ve kept her birthname.

Can I book Jennie for the whole wedding weekend?

Absolutely! Jennie can serve your wedding guests on your big day and nurse them gently on the day after by way of delicious coffees, real-fruit ice creams and superfood smoothies – what better hangover cure?

What drinks does Jennie serve?

Jennie serves your drinks of choice – beer, wine, champagne, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.  You supply the fluids and Jennie serves your guests. All you need to ensure is that your beverages have somewhere to stay cool – we recommend a chiller trailer.
A specialty of hers is Affogatos – is the coffee good? Damn straight!

Does Jennie use power or a generator?

Jennie prefers to run from mains power however we do have an inverter generator for hire in case access to power isn’t available.

What about glassware?

We are happy to source glassware for you at your expense. Jennie does not come with her own supply.

Can you help us sort chiller trailer hire?

Yes we can, just ask us for any help you need with regards to your guests.

Can Jennie climb hills?

Jennie prefers flat surfaces and gentle rises. She sits pretty low to the road so you need to keep in mind where she might fit at your venue.  She measures 4.8m by 2.1m and needs a flat surface to set up on.

How far does Jennie travel?

Jennie can travel to anywhere in Central Otago. Travel outside of the Wanaka area will be charged at a flat fee of $100 plus 80c per kilometre.